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Mission and Values

Our Purpose and Mission

To be an accessible source of support and recovery for individuals experiencing mental health crisis; to work collaboratively with partners to create improved access to services and to promote wellness, recovery and strong consumer survivor networks.

Our Vision

To provide a community based, alternative approach to crisis intervention by delivering individualized, non-medical support to people experiencing a mental health crisis.

Our Values

Respect, autonomy, dignity, diversity, collaboration and accountability are at the core of all we do. We value the whole person, and acknowledge and respect their needs and wishes for recovery.

Our Staff

Gerstein Crisis Centre has skilled, and experienced Community Crisis Workers with a broad range of experience and education, many including lived experience. All staff are trained in crisis intervention, suicide intervention, harm reduction and work from a trauma informed perspective.

Our Beliefs

At Gerstein Crisis Centre, we believe every person has the right to live a self-directed life and to pursue their greatest level of wellness and happiness.

Since our beginning, Gerstein Crisis Centre has actively supported consumer survivor initiatives by employing consumer survivor run businesses (e.g. Abel Enterprises, Fresh Start Cleaning & Maintenance, Raging Spoon and AWay Express) through all of our operations. We support artists with lived experience and are fortunate to have a beautiful collection of art in both our homes. We house the Consumer Survivor Archives and strongly support their efforts.

Since 2009, hundreds of individuals have been working on their recovery through the FRESH (Finding Recovery through Exercise, Skills and Hope) Project, WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) groups and WRAP Fitness sessions that we offer on an ongoing basis.


Gerstein Centre is funded by the Ministry of Health and LongTerm Care, through the Toronto Central LHIN. Of our annual budget of $4.6 million, 84% supports Gerstein on Charles, Gerstein on Bloor and the Substance Use Crisis Program. The remaining 16% supports the programs that we operate with our community partners: The Salvation Army and Griffin Centre. The Multi-Sector Accountablilty Agreement (M-SAA) that we have with the Toronto Central LHIN is the legal basis of our funding relationship. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, contact us at Gerstein on Charles: 416-929-0149.