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Our Service

For over 25 years, Gerstein Crisis Centre has been working with adults 16+ in the city of Toronto experiencing mental health crisis.  Gerstein Crisis Centre is a voluntary, non-medical service and we work with our clients to address their needs,find solutions and tools to pro-actively avoid future crisis.

We offer 24 hour telephone crisis intervention, mobile crisis visits and short term residential beds. We also provide integrated services for individuals with complex needs which can include mental health and justice, concurrent and serious substance use, homelessness and dual diagnosis.

Our experienced staff works with a wide range of community groups to educate on mental health awareness, suicide and crisis intervention.  Training initiatives offer practical work experience to individuals with lived experience and newcomers to Canada to assist in finding employment in the mental health field.

Our wellness and recovery services provide training and mentoring to those with lived experience using evidenced based models to support individual recovery and overall well-being.

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Catchment area

City of Toronto (Western border is Islington Ave., Eastern border is Victoria Park, Northern border is Eglinton Ave. and Southern border is Lake Ontario).


We have 29 full-time and about 50 Relief workers employed at the Gerstein Crisis Centre who work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  There is a 4 person Administration Team supporting the 3 crisis teams, community partnerships, education, recovery programming and training.

Funding needs

Gerstein Crisis Centre relies on charitable donations and the need has never been greater. The population of downtown Toronto has exploded and there is an increased demand for our core services and our wellness and recovery workshops.

We seek additional funding to improve access for individuals with lived experience who are seeking opportunities to maximize their well-being and overall health.  This programming is integral to the philosophy of the centre in that we aim to maximize an individual’s autonomy, build capacity around coping and prevent future crises.

Providing  practical supports during crisis can really go a long way.  We have created a fund that will help clients through a financial emergency. Replacement of lost eyeglasses, dentures or help with the rent can make all the difference in the world.

Although we have been fortunate to have received some funding to assist us with recovery based programming, we struggle with ongoing funding options and seek a variety of funding sources including private donations, foundation grants and government bodies so we can provide uninterrupted programming and services.

Gerstein by the numbers

Crisis Services
Telephone Crisis – Calls 18,200
Mobile Crisis Visits – 1,436
Crisis Bed Stays – 1,370 (not incl. Griffin Safe beds)

Education and Training
Training Sessions – 27 sessions and 810 trainees
Mentoring – 4 Community Crisis Workers

WRAP 2 sessions – 30 participants
WRAP Fitness – 2 sessions, 30 participants
Youth WRAP – 2 sessions – 28 participants

Spanish WRAP 1 session – 15 particpants

FRESH – 27 groups, 538 participants

3 Moving toward fitness 53 people

10 PeerZones 120 people

Our Audited Financial Statement is available for download here or in hard copy by contacting us.

Our Annual Reports can be downloaded here.