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To firmly establish an alternative service maintaining, facilitating and fostering user involvement at all levels of decision-making from day-to-day operations to the Board.

To remain vigilantly sensitized to the expressed needs and wishes of the user group so that the environment and support offered are individualized, responsive and respectful of the autonomy, dignity and ability of the client.

To foster and assist in the development of self-reliance and strong peer connections.

To recognize, and act on the recognition, that too frequently psychiatric crises are caused, exacerbated or prolonged by non-medical factors. These include but are not limited to: trauma; poverty; sub-standard or non-existent housing; settlement issues; forced isolation and inactivity; age; all forms of prejudice and racism; biases regarding gender, sexuality and sexual identity.

To respect and appreciate that Recovery can be defined as the ability to live well in the presence or absence of one’s mental health difficulties and that each person with a mental health struggle needs to define for themselves what “living well” means. Recovery is different for everyone and can be supported by a range of service models.
To maintain a holistic approach to crisis management, ensuring users are made aware of, and given information, opportunity and, if necessary, proactive assistance in accessing potentially beneficial programs and services that may positively impact quality of life.