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The Mental Health and Justice Short Term Residential Crisis Beds are part of a 34 bed Network offered at four sites (Gerstein on Bloor, Reconnect, Cota Health and CMHA). These beds are accessed through the Central Bed Registry at 416-248-4174 and must be referred from a Mental Health and Justice (MH&J) referral source, referral form.

Gerstein on Bloor offers nine MH&J Short Term Residential Crisis Beds for individuals who are dealing with a serious mental health issue, and are currently in crisis, potentially homeless, have current involvement with the criminal justice system and can be safely supported in the community. These beds are voluntary, all legal requirements remain between the individual and the criminal justice system. The Short Term Residential Crisis Beds are part of the Mental Health and Justice Network in Toronto offering a broad range of services including court support, court diversion, case management, crisis prevention, police mobile crisis intervention and housing.