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Ten crisis beds are available at Gerstein on Charles for short stays of 3-5 days. These beds are accessed through the crisis line 416-929-5200 and following a mobile crisis visit.

Fourteen beds are available at Gerstein on Bloor and offer up to 30 day stays of which nine are allocated for Mental Health and Justice Short Term Residential Crisis beds and are part of a 34 bed network. These beds, which are accessed through the Central Bed Registry at 416-248-4174, must be referred from a Mental Health and Justice referral source. The other five beds are Female Crisis Beds and are allocated for women who are homeless and are dealing with a mental health crisis. These beds can be accessed through self referral by calling the crisis line at 416-929-5200. Service providers can make referrals to these beds by calling Gerstein on Bloor at 416-604-2337  referral form.

Through a partnership with the Salvation Army Maxwell Meighen Centre Primary Support Unit we have ten beds for men who are homeless and are dealing with a mental health crisis offering up to 30 day stays. These beds are accessed directly at the Maxwell Meighen Centre at 416-366-2733 ext 276 referral form.

We have six Substance Use Crisis Beds, through our partnership with University Health Network Ossington Withdrawal Management Site, for men who are dealing with a serious substance use or concurrent issue. There is one bed for youth available through our Partnership with Eva’s Satellite. These beds may be accessed through the telephone crisis line at 416-929-5200 or through our Substance Use Crisis Team during business hours at 647-715-5386 (Daniel) or 647-637-2678 (Laura).