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Our Substance Use Crisis Management and Follow-up Team will respond to crisis calls and provide follow-up with individuals who are dealing with a crisis involving concurrent or serious substance use issues.

Access to seven Short Term Residential Crisis Beds for stays of up to 30 days is available through partnerships with University Health Network Ossington Withdrawal Management Centre (six beds for men) and Eva’s Satellite (1 bed for youth). Individuals in crisis can access these services 24 hours/day through the crisis line at 416-929-5200 or can contact the team directly during business hours at 416-909-0783 (Everton) or 647-637-2678 (Laura).

Harm Reduction

Gerstein Crisis Centre recognizes that inequities in access to health care are prevalent for those who use substances. These disparities are further exacerbated when there are barriers to the social determinants of health, including inadequate housing, poverty, unemployment and the lack of social support. Concurrent issues of mental health and substance use lead to further inequities and gaps.

We believe that harm reduction is part of a comprehensive health-care response to the health and social harms experienced by people who use substances.  The harm reduction framework which provides the foundation of our work emphasizes our commitment to treating all people with respect, dignity and compassion.  We work with people wherever they are on the continuum of substance use, and support them to move toward their goals. It is a non-judgmental approach that accepts the person as they are and their right to make choices.