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Reva Gerstein Legacy Fund

Thanks to a generous donation on the occasion of Dr. Reva Gerstein’s 90th birthday, by her sons Irving and Ira and their families, the Gerstein Crisis Centre established “The Reva Gerstein Legacy Fund” in 2007 to honour Dr. Gerstein’s commitment to psychiatric survivors.The fund is used to help projects that are run by and for psychiatric survivors, reflecting her interest in education, research and other projects that support the independent spirit of the psychiatric survivor community. The grants are dispersed annually by a committee consisting of the Executive Director, the Chair and Vice-Chair of Gerstein Crisis Centre’s Board of Directors, together with an outside representative from the psychiatric survivor community. If you are intersted in applying for a grant from the Reva Gerstein Legacy Fund, please contact Susan Davis, Executive Director at 416-929-0149 x222 or

To learn more about the Reva Gerstein Legacy Fund and how to apply please see the link below:


Please note that we are no longer accepting applications for the 2016-17 Reva Gerstein Legacy Fund.  We are currently in the process of reviewing applications and will be notifying all applicants by the end of February, 2017.

Dr. Reva Gerstein

Reva Gerstein

Dr. Reva Gerstein has had a long and distinguished career as a psychologist, educator and community leader. She has made an extraordinary impact on mental health and its related research. Educated as a psychologist, she received her Ph.D. from University of Toronto in 1945.