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Board of Directors


Christina Foisy, Chair

Lisa Manuel, Vice-chair

Arnab Basu Mallik, Secretary/Treasurer

Marina Morrow, Director

Lubna Khalid, Director

Adam Wheeler, Director

Lisa Schlosser, Director

Adiba Jafar, Director

Kathryn Mettler, Director

Stephanie Gloyn, Director

Marcy Gerstein, Director

Jaipreet Kohli, Director

Hricha Rakshit, Director

Padraigin Murphy, Director

If you would like to get in touch with Gerstein Crisis Centre’s Board of Directors, please contact the Executive Director, Susan Davis at (416) 929-0149 ext. 222, or by email at

The Board of Directors is currently looking for more members. For more information, please contact the Executive Director at Submission deadline – November 15, 2020.