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We offer online and in-person interactive workshops

  • Our workshop leaders are experienced facilitators and have many years of direct work with mental health, addiction, and crisis intervention
  • Interactive, engaging, and practical workshops
  • Workshops designed to fit the needs of your organization
  • Outreach presentations to learn more about Gerstein Crisis Centre’s services also available

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the training needs of your organization.

Crisis Intervention Workshop

(Virtual or In-person)

This 1 day workshop focuses on the preventative and intervention of a mental health crisis. It informs participants on how to recognize warning signs and use verbal non-verbal techniques in order to de-escalate a crisis. It is interactive and presented in a facilitative style with opportunities to apply new learning to situations specific to the environment in which the participants work.

If your budget for educational services is limited, we can negotiate a sliding scale for the Crisis Intervention workshop.

Fee: $1,000

Suicide Prevention Workshop

(Virtual or In-person)

This is an online, interactive suicide prevention workshop that is designed to respond to the foundational learning needs of service providers.  

This workshop is comprised of 4 learning modules that are delivered over a 2 day period. 

The workshop aims to:  

  • Dispel some of the myths around suicide.  
  • Explore participants’ personal beliefs regarding suicide. 
  • Enhance participants’ knowledge, self-awareness and skills to recognize when an individual may be having thoughts of suicide.  
  • Enhance participants’ understanding and knowledge of practical suicide prevention techniques.  
  • Enable participants to confidently make appropriate and timely interventions if they think someone is having thoughts of suicide

If your budget for educational services is limited, we can negotiate a sliding scale for the Suicide Prevention workshop.

Fee: $2,000 for max. 20 participants

Mental Health Workshop

(Virtual or In-person)

The Mental Health workshop runs for 3-hours and aims to increase the awareness of signs and symptoms of Mental Health challenges. It increases confidence in helping individuals experiencing mental health challenges.

If your budget for educational services is limited, we can negotiate a sliding scale for the Mental Health workshop.

Fee: $400

In Person Workshops


Learn to reach out to someone thinking about suicide, overcome attitudes that act as barriers to help, talk openly about suicide, and connect with further support. In-person workshop Learn the 4-step TALK model through discussion, skills practice, and video examples.

Fee: $500

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

Learn the skills to provide a suicide first-aid intervention, a two days workshop working with someone to develop a personalized safety plan to keep safe-for-now, and connect with further help In-person skills-based workshop. Learn a 6-task suicide first-aid model through presentations, interactive discussions, and feature videos. Includes extensive opportunities for skills practice through trainer-facilitated workgroups.

Fee: $2,100 for max. 20 participants
Any additional participant over twenty a $1`10 per person


For more information, call or email:

Nicki Casseres
(416) 929-0149 ext. (232)