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“WRAP Fitness was an amazing balance of firstly getting out of my head and into my body and then using that adrenaline rush to discuss how to deal with the issues that come up in our lives.”

What is WRAP?

WRAP stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan.

The WRAP program involves an educational and planning process that is grounded in mental health recovery concepts such as hope, education, empowerment, self-advocacy, and interpersonal support and connection.

WRAP was developed by people who had been dealing with a variety mental health issues and who were working hard to feel better and get on with their lives. Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland, an internationally acclaimed author, educator and mental health advocate, initially practiced WRAP to help with her own struggles with mental health challenges. More information can be found on the WRAP website.

Within a group setting, individuals explore self-help tools (eg. peer counseling, focusing exercises, relaxation & stress reduction techniques) and resources for keeping themselves well and for helping themselves feel better in difficult times. Groups meet once a week for 8 to 10 weeks.

WRAP helps you to discover your own simple and safe wellness tools and helps you identify when you need to use them. Anyone can use WRAP to get well, stay well and make their life the way they want it to be.

“WRAP has helped me appreciate my body’s strengths and feel less alone and more capable in handling my challenges”

Youth WRAP Through Fitness

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The Gerstein Crisis Centre has partnered with The Jewish Nadal Community Centre (JCC), with funding from a Bell Let’s Talk grant, to offer WRAP specifically for youth aged 16-29.

Youth WRAP Through Fitness is delivered in partnership with Gerstein Crisis Centre & the JCC.

Group Start and end Dates:

The group will run every Sunday for 8 sessions from 1pm-4:30pm.

October 15th to December 3rd, 2017


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WRAP Through Fitness

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This project was developed by Gerstein Crisis Centre to incorporate WRAP learning with physical activity, assisting participants in exploring physical fitness and nutrition as recovery tools.  We have partnered with the JCC and access their facilities for this project.

WRAP Through Fitness at the Gerstein Crisis Centre usually involves a fitness session at the JCC followed by the traditional WRAP session afterward.

Upcoming WRAP Opportunities

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WRAP for Newcomer Syrians

Stay tuned for details about our 2017 WRAP sessions for Newcomer Syrians.


Find out about other WRAP programs and training opportunities happening across Ontario.

WRAP for Newcomer Syrian Women

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Are you a Syrian or Arabic speaking woman who has recently arrived in Canada? We are offering a FREE group to help you respond to the many changes you may be facing. WRAP for Newcomer Syrian Women will help you:

  • Manage you stress and responses to change
  • Connect with women in similar situations
  • Share ideas and re-establish a positive identity

For information in Arabic please see:

 “WRAP for Newcomer Syrian Women helped me take it easy when making decisions and being more purposeful in decision making.”

More Information

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